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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Yes, yes, I've overshared this video with just about everyone who would watch it and am so over the top happy about this little joy bug growing here I'm almost speechless.  (There's a rare one - Me, without words).  Thankfully, the news that it's a BABY GIRL has flooded me with more things to scream and shriek about!  We sent these out last week, and in hopes that you all caught it despite your torn envelopes, here it is again:

The whole story of us getting pregnant is pretty God sized awesome - it took us seven months of on and off trying - which in my opinion is just enough time for you to get a little nervous about your stress levels and hormonal capabilities enough to really hit your knees and ask God if you're really cut out for this reproductive thing.  In all truth, I savor those journaled prayers now - it makes this gift all the more sweet.  Undeserved grace that I wake up thankful for every morning.  I should seriously name this Baby Girl - Thankful - but it would really get in the way of her temper tantrums I know she will exhibit much like her Mama.

The wild journey of this pregnancy news started in Denver - where I was working week 2 of the Eric and Jessie Game On show on E! meanwhile Nick was back and forth between Seattle and LA courting a tempting job offer.  Life was in flux but it was exciting.  I bought some pregnancy tests and decided I'd take it right away! - 3 days went by as more important matters came up like - WHAT THE HELL SHOULD THE CREW EAT FOR 2ND MEAL AND WHAT COLOR VASES MATCH THIS INTERVIEW SPACE?  Dammit, it still feels important. At 7AM one non-descript morning I called Nick woke him up in between happy choking tears and told him he was going to be a dad.  He cried too, he might deny it.  

We bought some kitchy photo frames for my parents as future grandparents and Nick flew out immediately to tell my parents.  My mom cried and my dad talked to my belly with pride.  It was perfect.  We both had meetings in LA the following week so met there to tell his folks with funny custom fortune cookies.  His mom not just cried - SHE SOBBED WITH JOY.  I will never ever forget those 2 weeks of over the top JOY.

Nick flew home to Seattle.  I flew to Nashville.  We missed each other a lot and tried to talk about all of life and not just the life growing but mostly we just kept saying things like "Can we tell people yet?" and "I hope it...".  Nick shopped for toddler golf clubs.  I lost four pounds from morning sickness.  Life was so good - how could it get better.

SO THANKFUL.  Really like feeling thankful for BABY GIRL!

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